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About Cruises

Prime Time Travel works with nearly every cruise line in the world offering a wide selection of choices and destinations.  By clicking on one of the links below this tab such as "Ocean Cruises", "River Cruises", or "Group Cruise", you will find the variety you desire to dial in to the cruise of your dreams.

Following are a list of questions you should consider to help during your search:

  1. Where do I want to go?
    • There are options now available all over the world via ocean and river.
  2. How long do I want to be away?
    • Some of the cruise lines specialize in shorter cruises (3-7 Days) whereas others specialize in longer (10 Days or more).
  3. What's my budget?
    • There's a wide range in pricing based on the length, destination and time of year.
  4. What's my cruise personality?
    • Every cruiseline has a personality...some are designed for 'fun' while others are more into 'style'.
  5. Am I bringing the kids?
    • Some cruises focus on the family whereas others focus on couples.  
  6. Do I mind being with a crowd?
    • Some of the ships can carry up to 6,000 people.  There are plenty of smaller ships as well.
  7. How much do I care about entertainment?
    • Disney, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian for instance, put on some great shows...others put less focus on the entertainment.
  8. How imporant is food?
    • Many cruiselines pride themselves on their food quality and selection.  Some have big named Chefs, others don't.
  9. Do I want to get dressed up?
    • More formal or chill?  It's up to you, but decide before you make a selection.
  10. Will I get seasick?
    • Now days, most cruise ships are designed for stability, but it's still a very large pond that can produce some large waves.  The captains know how to avoid varying weather, but it's still the ocean.  If you are prone to seasickness, choose a large ship.